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Solar Eclipse Viewing Event and Kids Activities
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Solar Eclipse Viewing Event and Kids Activities
Unless someone has been living on the moon somehow, one is surely aware of the approaching eclipse, when the moon will block the sun.

As a member of the Education subcommittee and the Life Sciences Caucus, I am excited to call the opportunity below to your attention. Among other purposes, this event is envisioned as a fun way to interest kids in science!

WHAT: Eclipse viewing event hosted by The Mather Planetarium, with related educational activities for all ages

WHERE: West Chester University – Quad Area (University Avenue)
WHEN: 1-4 p.m. (on Monday of course!)
WHY: Because this is the first total eclipse of the sun in the United States since 1979,
so it has been a “few years,” as the saying goes…

HOW: Three hundred eclipse viewing glasses will be available, as well as telescopes for safe solar viewing.

In addition, the eclipse can be viewed without glasses using projection methods (i.e. not direct viewing) which will be done during the event as well. Educational activities for all ages will take place during the event as well.

Viewing and activities will begin at 1 p.m.; the maximum of the eclipse occurs at 2:43 p.m.

Parking available in all lots designated as student lots; no parking permit is necessary. Parking also will be available in metered spots along the streets. Please note that parking will not be allowed in employee lots or other specially designated spaces.

In 2055, another 38 years from now, how will you answer the question: So, where were you during the “Great Eclipse” of 2017?
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